2 hours
Walls and medieval towers
Cathedral, Towers

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Visiting Oristano, from the ruins of the walls to the medieval towers will allow us to immerse ourselves in the long and glorious history of the city. The urban centre had its period of major splendour during the Giudicato di Arborea of which it was the capital. The reign has been the last bulwark in the Catalano-Aragonese fight brought by Mariano IV and Eleonora d’Arborea (XIV-XV AD). In particular, we will reconstruct the history of the city under the reign of Mariano II de Bas-Serra. From the 13th century Oristano was equipped with powerful city walls formed by 4 entrance doors and 28 guard towers. Together we will see the ruins of the city walls and the two surviving towers: the Tower of Mariano II and Portixedda (little door). The cathedral, with ancient chapels dating back to the judicial period (14th century) can only be visited if compatible with religious functions, if open to the public.


In this tour we will:

  1. Visit Oristano and its medieval evidence
  2. Learn about the history of the city, from the middle age to Spanish domination

Meeting point and time

We are planning the next guided tour. The meeting point will be in Via Cagliari 161, Oristano (Coordinates: 39.904105, 8.588529). The visit to the centre of the city will last 2 hours. 


  1. Medieval wall near the Church and Hospital of Sant’Antonio Abate”
  2. Oristano Cathedral (if compatible with religious functions)
  3. Tower Mariano II (inside)
  4. Torre di Portixedda (inside)


The visit is 60 € per person to be paid in cash to the guide before the start of the visit. The admission tickets for the monuments are included.


To participate to the event, please complete the booking form on the website www.marecalmo.org or send an e-mail to info@marecalmo.org, or a message to the mobile phone 0039 3407104957 indicating the number of participants, the biographical data (a valid identity card and passport) of each person and a phone number. Reservations are limited!

Practical indications

It is recommended to wear suitable clothing for trekking (track suit or jeans, walking shoes, etc.). It is also suggested to bring a sunscreen product, a cap and a bottle of water.

Visitare Oristano e la Torre di Mariano II