3 hours
Tharros site
Tower of San Giovanni

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Visiting Tharros will be an engaging and innovative experience. It is one of the most important archaeological site of Sardinia. The city overlooks the Gulf of Oristano, in the municipality of Cabras. It is surrounded by the extraordinary natural landscape of the Sinis Peninsula, in the San Giovanni area.
Its millennial history begin in Nuragic era, it develops in the Phoenician-Punic and then Roman times, until the Medieval period. Visiting it together will be an original experience, appropriate to both families and history and archeology enthusiasts. Also an up-to-date archaeologist and professional guide will answer our questions with interest.


In this tour we will:

  1. Place Tharros in time and space;
  2. recreate the various historical phases of the city;
  3. reconstruct the public and private life of its inhabitants;
  4. understand the construction techniques, the hydraulic and architectural knowledges of the different populations that have lived there.

Meeting point and time

The next tour will take place from 17:00 to 20:00 on Saturday 2nd September. The meeting point is in 7, Via Lungomare, San Giovanni of Sinis, Cabras (Oristano). The visit to the archaeological site will last around one and a half hours. Then we will climb the Spanish Tower of San Giovanni, from where we will can enjoy, at the sunset, a magnificent panorama of the Sinis Peninsula.

The route

  1. Meeting point (7, Via Lungomare, San Giovanni of Sinis)
  2. Archaeological site of Tharros
  3. Tower of San Giovanni of Sinis

The price

For associates, the visit is 10€. New associates will pay only the membership card: 10€. The admission tickets for the archaeological area and the tower are not included (6 €). It is included the one-year membership card of Mare Calmo, which entitles you to a free activity per month.


To participate to the event, please complete the booking form on the website www.marecalmo.org or send an e-mail to info@marecalmo.org, or a message to the mobile phone(0039) 3407104957 indicating the number of participants, the biographical data (a valid identity card and passport) of each person and a phone number. Reservations are limited!

Practical indications

It is recommended to wear suitable clothing for trekking (track suit or jeans, walking shoes, etc.). It is also suggested to bring a sunscreen product, a cap and a bottle of water.